Chi City’s Most Stylish: Aaron Comes

Earlier this year I shared with you in my first Chi City’s Most Stylish post that I never make New Years resolutions because I know I won’t keep them. BUT I did for the first time in 2013 and actually kept it — that’s why I’ve featured 12 of the best dressed people in Chicago over this past year.

As we say SEE YA to 2013, I’ll leave you with the very last (unless I change my mind for 2013) Chi City’s Most Stylish.

frederick lynn chicago, custom mens suiting

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What Why Where: Orange & Oversized

What’s better than oversized outerwear? Bright colored oversized outerwear…that could easily be mistaken for a neon tent and make you look like you have shrunken arms.

blogger style, street style, chicityfashion

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Chi City’s Most Stylish: Chelsea McGrath

You know when you meet someone and they have this effortless style that you just can’t get enough of? Well, that’s how I feel about this month’s Chi City’s Most Stylish — Chelsea McGrath.

 photo intro-1.png

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The Jena Blazer

Yes, such a thing exists. Can you believe it? AND it’s not ironic that it’s called the Jena blazer…it is indeed named after me. Hashtag humble brag.

 photo EDT00530.jpg

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Ford “It” Girl: Skye

One of the most difficult things about this Ford editorial was figuring out what models to choose. It’s like picking a Chanel bag…they’re all beautiful so you really can’t go wrong, but you can’t have them all. But when it came to Skye, she was the first comp card I looked at and I knew right away she had to be included in this photoshoot.


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