What Why Where: The Outtakes

I do weird things. I tend to document them here. But sometimes I’m just like “do you really care about my outfit that much to include 20+ photos?” I’m assuming no (which is why I limit to 10 or less) so some of these fantastic pictures of me get lost in the bunch and never resurface….until now.

 photo DanielKelleghan-1009.jpg

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You Should Probably Know: KTZ

While browsing one of my favorite sites, ssense, last week I came across something crazy and I just had to know more. I tweeted about my discovery — platform sneakers (can they be the new wedge sneaker?) — and although I don’t expect everyone to go buy a pair right this second, you at least have to appreciate them.

So you’re probably thinking…who is the genius (or geniuses) behind those badass sneakers? Let’s take a trip across the pond and discover KTZ.

 photo KTZ_COLLAGE.png

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Ford “It” Girl: Skye

One of the most difficult things about this Ford editorial was figuring out what models to choose. It’s like picking a Chanel bag…they’re all beautiful so you really can’t go wrong, but you can’t have them all. But when it came to Skye, she was the first comp card I looked at and I knew right away she had to be included in this photoshoot.


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