Moda Italiana

I thought I’d brush up on my Italian for today’s post (and by brush up, I mean learn and by learn I mean Google Translate). If you’re down for some good old Italian fashion (or Moda Italiana) and feel like adorning your body in gold Moschino everything then I think you’re going to have a great Friday.

moschino, net-a-porter, limited edition

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Fashionably Early

You know that fashion week conversation we had? There’s another part of that convo we didn’t really touch on. And that’s about street style and celebrity “product placement.” And no, I do not mean an advertisement for McDonalds…

 photo 020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_180.jpg

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The Evolution of Tech Accessories

Or as I like to call them “tech-cessories.”

 photo theatlantic.jpg

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The Most Pinterest-Worthy Model

After I found this photo on during New York Fashion Week, I was immediately intrigued by this girl. Rainbow hair, a bright outfit…I definitely appreciate her style. Then I did a little research and found out who this mysterious explosion of color is…


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