Repeat Offender

I never really understood that mentality of “not wearing anything twice.” If you’re going to buy something, you should probably wear it more than once, don’t you think? (with the exception of a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress…let’s hope the first time is a charm and you know that those dresses the bride says “you can totally wear this again” you’ll be tossing the second that reception is over). So I thought I’d really make a point to show you that regardless of a statement-making piece or a wardrobe staple, it’s totally okay to be a repeat offender.

Instead of having someone call me out on repeating items and looks, why not do it myself?

 photo leatherpants.png
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What Why Where: Around Town

I briefly mentioned last week that I have a ton of outtakes from my 1 Girl 4 Looks story on Refinery29 so after giving you a little tour of my office, I thought I’d share with you the rest of the NEVER BEFORE SEEN, EXCLUSIVE photos. I love putting those words together. I feel like E! News.

So today’s more of a 1 girl, 3 looks kind of story…

 photo train5.jpg

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What Why Where: The Outtakes

I do weird things. I tend to document them here. But sometimes I’m just like “do you really care about my outfit that much to include 20+ photos?” I’m assuming no (which is why I limit to 10 or less) so some of these fantastic pictures of me get lost in the bunch and never resurface….until now.

 photo DanielKelleghan-1009.jpg

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You Should Probably Know: KTZ

While browsing one of my favorite sites, ssense, last week I came across something crazy and I just had to know more. I tweeted about my discovery — platform sneakers (can they be the new wedge sneaker?) — and although I don’t expect everyone to go buy a pair right this second, you at least have to appreciate them.

So you’re probably thinking…who is the genius (or geniuses) behind those badass sneakers? Let’s take a trip across the pond and discover KTZ.

 photo KTZ_COLLAGE.png

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