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I obviously love fashion, I really enjoy animals and I appreciate a quirky Tumblr page. So when I saw something as awesome as this…


I was hooked. An Orca Whale in Givenchy…what’s there not to love?

Wear This To That is set up in a format where the authors suggest a certain animal to wear a designer item to a specific event. For example, Jeff and Heather (the brains behind WTTT) made the caption for this specific illustration (seen above) “Hey orca, wear this Givenchy shark sweatshirt to that clambake.” If that isn’t the perfect place for a whale to wear Givenchy, I don’t know what is.

So who exactly are Heather and Jeff? Heather works for a stationer, Jeff works for an eyewear start-up (and you may recognize him from The Midwestyle). They currently live together in Brooklyn and now have this awesome website.

As much as I don’t want to question a unicorn in Junya, I just had to find more.

How did you come up with the concept for Wear This To That?

HeatherWe were talking one night about marrying our interests and also discussing menswear/womenswear in an accessible, quirky way. We are both a fan of strange things and animals doing activities reserved for people, so we played with that concept and turning it into something mildly educational but mostly entertaining.
Jeff:  I knew I wanted to start incorporating Heather’s drawings into a small project. Her ability to draw is weird, her figures are a little askew and slightly creepy. I figured what better style of drawings to incorporate into fashion to use! Off-beat animals dressed up for the world to see. Sure! Let’s throw some couture and ready-to-wear designers digs in the mix to create this bizarre contrast.

I too enjoy strange things and creepy figures. Where do you draw inspiration?

Heather:  Animals doing animal things, people doing animal things, the insanity and beauty of iconic fashion.  Feelings.
Jeff: I think when picking the inspiration it has to be just the right amount of contrast but not too polar opposites. A bear in a tutu has been done. We also have to do the laugh test and let our brains venture into the category of “YES! ABSOLUTELY.” Like a scroungy rodent wearing a $900 silk blouse from the Parisian-chic powerhouse of Isabel Marant. Of course, that works. The rodent wouldn’t be wearing Rodarte. Now, that’s ridiculous.


Doesn’t that pygmy goat know those Miu Miu glitter booties are so 2 seasons ago?

Photos via Wear This To That…obviously

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