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Regina George’s feelings about the word “fetch” are similar to how I feel about wearable technology — stop trying to make it happen (sorry, Gretchen). How connected do we really need to be at all times? Is it necessary to have a piece of jewelry to tell us when someone liked our Instagram or glasses that take a picture for you instead of you reaching ALL the way into your bag, taking out your phone and just doing it yourself? Apparently, we do.

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I haven’t much discussed wearable technology here on CCF and that’s because at first (which wasn’t even too long ago) it was mostly just the Nike FuelBand that I knew about and Google Glass was only for the elite. Now, there’s so many other types out there, it’s becoming hard to keep track. When I first found out abut the FuelBand I thought it was a great idea — it helps you stay on track and keep moving. I get it. I have one myself (although it wasn’t really working for me this winter under all my layers and sleeves…and remember, winter in Chicago goes ’til mid-May at least). Since then, there’s been several other wearable tech pieces launching that specialize in health and fitness, including the popular Fitbit…who actually just collaborated with Tory Burch. And they’re not the first (and probably not the last) to collaborate with a big time designer. Diane Von Furstenberg teamed up with Google Glass and the high-tech eyewear will be available June 23. And as much as I think Google Glass is completely unnecessary, if it’s going to happen it needed a fashion touch…those things are so ugly on their own. But what really gets me about all of this is Ringly — real 18k gold cocktail rings with precious and semi-precious stones that buzz and flash a tiny light to notify you of incoming calls, texts, emails, Instagram notifications, etc. The point is so you’re not the asshole at the table checking your email every five minutes (although I feel like that’s everyone at the table at this point). However, do we have to be that connected all the time where we need a piece of jewelry to tell us someone liked our photo? And how much would it suck if you were on a group text? I would not want my hand vibrating like crazy over 50 texts I probably won’t even read. And speaking of group texts — how is it that we have all of this incredible technology yet you still cannot leave a group text? Or click a link on Instagram for that matter?! Okay now I’m just digressing.

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But then there’s the items that are actually useful (especially for those of us who are indeed on our phones way too much) — like Everpurse and the Kotur #getsmartbag. Everpurse actually charges your phone without any wires or bulky cases and although the Kotur bag doesn’t charge your phone, it’s still the most stylish tech accessory I’ve seen to date (and hopefully they’ll come up with a way for extending battery life…it would really be the ultimate wearable if they did).

So, now that we’re caught up on what’s going on in the wearables world, we have to decide if we’re going to make it happen or if it’s so not fetch. I’m down for some things like bags/wallets that can charge your phone or motivational things like the FuelBand and Fitbit but at the end of the day, I already feel like I’m “too connected” and I really don’t want or need another piece of technology literally on me at all times. Bonobos made a hilarious April Fools video this year spoofing tech style and I think it sums up my thoughts towards the subject just perfectly (I promise it’s worth every 2 minutes and 40 seconds). I’m not sure if all this wearable tech will ever become super mainstream (like you can’t walk to work without seeing 90% of people on the streets wearing Google Glass) but I’m very curious to see how this all pans out.

Now the question is, what do you think about all this? Do you currently own any pieces of wearable tech? Do you plan on buying any? Do you think any of these items will ever become the norm? I’m going to need your opinion on this one…

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  1. Unless you count a watch as wearable technology, no I don’t own any. I also think it’s gone too far, and increasing the amount of lazy people in our world. Get off your phones and go do something active. Plus, with all the texting and driving things like this are only going to make it worse.
    -XO Style Stalker

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