What Won’t You Wear?

By this point in our lives, we have a pretty good idea of what we like and don’t like. Food, people, clothes…you’re never going to love everything/everyone and that’s okay. I despise pickles, not a fan of narcissism and I have a thing against strapless. See? It’s as simple as that.

So today, I thought it would be fun to play a little game called What Won’t You Wear? And by game I mean you just tell me in the comments the clothing / accessories you absolutely would not wear. Ready? Go.

animal print, street style

But wait…

Think — Why don’t you like these things? Is it because you saw it on someone else and it looked bad? Or due to bad memories it brings back? Maybe it’s just not your style? When I think of the things I absolutely won’t wear, I always have a reason for it. Not just because “it’s ugly” or “it doesn’t look good on me” (although those are two very good reasons).

This is something I realized very recently when doing some shopping in Australia. When the shop girls would show me certain things (although I loved a majority of the stuff) I realized there are very specific colors and silhouettes I won’t wear and I have my reasons. How it took me this long to figure that out is beyond me.

I’m sure you already know most of these if you’ve been a long-time CCF reader. But if not, here it goes. So, what won’t I wear?

camouflage jacket, camouflage pants

WHAT: Camouflage

WHY: I’ve voiced my opinion on this trend but never really explained why I don’t like it. It’s not so much that I hate camo; it actually has to do with the fact that I USED to love it. I had these camo cargo pants circa 2002 that I loved (wore them with my black and camo Steve Madden platform sandals, in case you really wanted a detailed visual). Because the fashion from the early 2000s was kind of terrible, I just can’t get back on board with the trend. Plus when something is really overdone, it makes me resent it even more. I do think some people look good in it but overall, it’s not something you’ll ever see me wearing (unless I do a good #tbt).

Pictured here: LAVEER Reverse Jacket, Haute Hippie Cropped Cargo Pants 

red dress


WHY: Generic, but true. Happens to be one I have made very few exceptions to in the past. Red can easily look cheap and tacky, however there are certain materials in various shades of red that actually look really great. In general, though, I’m never going to go for the red shoes or the red dress (especially if the word “shiny” comes before “red”). Also when I think of red, I’m reminded of that time (around 2006 perhaps?) where it was cool to match your red bag to your red shoes with a black and/or white outfit. That was bad. So I just can’t…

Pictured here: Zac Posen Sleeveless Jersey Dress

sneaker wedges

WHAT: Sneaker Wedges

WHY: I have a feeling that anyone who owns sneaker wedges has probably stopped reading CCF by now because I may or may not bring them up in a post at least once a week. They’re just the perfect example of a trend taking it too far (which by the way is on its way with Birkenstocks as we speak). They’re not flattering, I don’t even love the Marant sneakers on models (whose job is to make everything look good) and I just think that a wedge and a sneaker should be separate (kind of like shorts and skirt…apparently I’m anti-skort).

Pictured here: Ash Cool Suede Wedge Sneakers

strapless dress, one-shoulder dress

WHAT: Strapless or One-Shoulder

WHY: This style is something I usually bring up in my red carpet posts because that’s where we see it the most. Strapless just reminds me of tube tops and one-shoulder somehow makes me think of club wear (and by club I do not mean country club) — neither one I’d want to have in my wardrobe. Like red, it can be done right (there are certain one-shoulder and strapless looks I’ve seen that I liked) BUT it’s quite rare and I’d rather not wear either myself. There’s just so many cooler silhouettes out there these days, I don’t find it necessary to give the illusion that part of my dress/shirt is missing (or make it look like I’m naked in close up photos).

Pictured here: Mason By Michelle Contrast Strapless Dress, Just Cavalli One Shoulder Dress

leopard handbag

WHAT: Animal Print

WHY: I had a very short-lived leopard phase three or four years ago. Even when I was younger, I thought animal print was tacky and it’s something I never really incorporated into my wardrobe. But when I saw designers were coming out with edgier and more sophisiticated styles that used animal print, I was okay with it. Then I just kind of realized it wasn’t me and my phase ended quicker than the spirit hood craze.

Pictured here: Rachael Ruddick Leopard Haircalf Shopper Bag

So those are my big five. I could actually go on and on — ballet flats, ruching, hoop earrings, brown (maybe I’m a lot pickier than I thought).

It’s almost like What Why Where…without the where (unless you consider “WHERE the hell do you think you’re going in that strapless animal print bandage dress with red camo wedge sneakers?” the where)…OR like What Not To Wear (except I’m just telling myself what not to wear).

So now it’s your turn, is there anything you won’t wear? But most importantly, WHY?

Images via Vogue & Shopbop

8 comments on “What Won’t You Wear?

  1. I will never wear leggings as pants.

    They must have a tunic long enough to efficiently cover the bum and crotch region. I do not know how else to express it other than that I was taught leggings are just another version of stockings/tights. I feel absolutely naked if I’m wearing just leggings, it feels right to wear them under a dress or skirt or training clothes in the colder weather. It is atrocious when I see people where leggings, a tee & Ugg boots. If I can see underwear and naughty bit then there is a right to deem them not pants; they do not do the job of pants.

    There are few rules I follow strictly and leggings are not pants will always be one of them.

  2. I’m also not in favor of ruching, wedge sneakers, and red dresses and shoes, though I will wear red from the waist down. I bought a pair of rag & bone cropped red jeans when the colored jeans thing first started and find many reasons to wear them. I’ll wear red polish on my toes certain months of the year but never on my fingernails. But I’m most against strapless – not only does it look like something’s missing but I’d never want to be one of those hapless strapless wearers who are constantly giving their dress that little tug at the sides to make sure it stays up.

    My other what nots are:
    Platform pumps – too Kardashian!
    Orange anything that isn’t an actual pumpkin or citrus fruit. I was an early adopter of Tory Burch footwear and tunics until I discovered her stores have orange doors (her favorite color!). Then she brought out all those hideous prints and the ubiquitous gold T ballet flats and I was completely done. I will not wear anything Tory Burch produced after 2009.

  3. This is a fun post! I love prints AND bright colors so much – I can’t get behind you on the camo (sparingly), leopard print (also sparingly) or the red. BUT I totally agree with the strapless & one shouldered stuff!

    I have to add chevron, just because I’ve seen it way too much lately.
    And anything asymetrical. Which is really a shame – it can look so edgy and cool! I just can’t be off balance like that. : P

    I also agree with a previous comment about the kitten heels!

  4. I go to the gym or run outside a lot so I won’t wear yoga pants or running tights as pants out in public. Exercise clothes mean I’m going to exercise.

    This was a fun post!

    What about what you will always wear? For me it’s floral prints. I love ’em! And I can’t pass up a good black turtleneck and they sure have gotten a lot of use this Winter.

  5. Jeans, crew necklines, flip flops, animal prints.

    The first three are simply unsophisticated. And the fourth, I just don’t care for.

  6. I agree on sneaker wedges, sneakers have to be sneakers.
    I also agree on animal print with one exception: leopard and snake prints for some specific clothes and accessories or shoes that obviously have to be sophisticated and cool. All the other, zebra, tiger, giraffe, cow, etc keep them in the zoo.
    also agree with the one above about flip flops. They were made for the beach nowhere else should be allowed.
    Crocs. The most horrible invention ever.
    Jeans without back pockets. n e v e r.

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