Lollapalooza Essentials

Whenever I go to a music festival (especially one as large as Lollapalooza) I’m always sure to bring the essentials. Note: this isn’t a post on how you should dress and the different kinds of cut-off shorts you can wear…but more about what you should bring. I promise you’ll thank me later.

I’m that girl who at first people are like “why are you bringing extra toilet paper and a blanket to a music festival?” and later are like “can I use your toilet paper and sit on your towel?” So yeah. I come prepared. And you should too.


First of all, you never know what the restroom situation will be like once you step in that pathetic excuse for a bathroom. Kleenex to-go is the 1st thing I pack. Going along with that theme, hand sanitizer is also very important. There’s close to a 300,000 people that to to this thing. Who knows where they’ve been? Those two are an absolute must for me, but I do have some more that I highly recommend toting along.


A mini umbrella. Because who likes to get rained on? I don’t. A spray mister fan is the best way to make new friends…and keep cool. I personally like to post up in one place for a while so I bring a towel or blanket (usually a cheaper option than the Jonathan Adler one I just linked…because let’s be honest, I just leave it there). Chapstick is a must…mostly because I’m actually addicted to it. And what music festival is complete without some fun sunnies and a cross body bag to carry everything in? And maybe a headband just for fun.

Happy Lolla weekend to you.

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