Nicolas Ghesquière & Balenciaga: The Break Up

If you were wondering why Nicolas Ghesquière was trending on Twitter yesterday and you’re unsure of who he is, this might explain. It was announced yesterday morning that Balenciaga has parted ways with long time Creative Director, Nicolas Ghesquière and because I like to assume fashion people make up for a majority of Twitter users, this is why Nicolas was trending.


After being at the design house for 15 years…why leave now, Nicolas? From the announcement released yesterday it seems like a mutual decision to part ways. But let’s be honest, when it comes to a break up it’s never mutual. And, after all the drama with finding new Creative Directors at Dior and YSL, I’m really just hoping the search for the new CD at Balenciaga will go much more smoothly.

WWD reports there’s been some talk of Joseph Altuzarra or Alexander Wang to replace Nicolas, which I wouldn’t hate…but I would if either of their own brands suffered. Nicolas Ghesquière made Balenciaga what it is today so he’s definitely a hot item on the market. It’s basically like he’s the most eligible bachelor in the fashion industry and we’re all waiting to see what design house he gives his final rose to.

So why is Nicolas Ghesquière so good? Well, he did make something called Egyptofunk happen for Fall 2012, which is genius. He also left on a very high note by designing crop tops paired with extreme ruffles and super high slits for Spring 2013.


He also is responsible for one of the original “it bags.” The City/Motorcycle bag defined celebrity status in the early-mid 2000s. Nicky Hilton is known for having it in just about every color, and here’s a few more celebs that fancy the bag.


Please note that I strategically chose photos of celebrities in hideous outfits, just so we can all get a little nostalgic and go back to 2004/2005. Granted, Kim’s photo was taken two years ago but that’s because Keeping Up With the Kardashians didn’t premiere until 2007…and that’s when she became relevant.

Rumor has it that Nicolas first designed handbags in 2001 so models had something to carry down the runway. Kate Moss apparently gave them the highest of praises and the rest is history. Here’s the supermodel in ’03 with the OG of Balenciaga bags.


I too fancy the City bag (specifically in neon colors) but that doesn’t matter now. What does matter is the question of who will replace Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga and where will he go next?

My prediction: they will choose a young American designer (like Altuzarra or Wang, but not necessarily them) and Nicolas will do his own thing. He’s got the street cred, so why not?

What do you make of this? Any predictions?

Photos via The Cut


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  1. You made i great post!
    Fancy Windows, a blogger of interior decor but spend 7 years in the fashion world. I knowed very well the 2003/2010 Balenciaga fashion collection rtw ,me and my mate sold 45.000 euro of Balenciaga bags to a Japanese buyer!!!. Buyers for around the world come to buy Citys and Giants bags!.

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