Product Review: Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick

I have been really into bold lipstick lately and although I love the colors, they all dry out my lips. My chapstick probably has 3-4 different colors on it by now (gross, I know) because I have to reapply it all the time.

I am SO excited that I have found Guerlain Rouge Automatique because it DOES NOT dry out my lips. It also is the only one I’ve used that actually lasts all day. I normally don’t believe when lipsticks say they last more than an hour…because they don’t. I tried this for the first time yesterday and I reapplied only ONCE (about 8 hours after I first applied) and I didn’t even use my chapstick (which is record breaking for a chapstick addict like myself).

Oh yeah and didn’t I mention it doesn’t even have a cap? You push a piece up the side, the top opens, and the lipstick slides right up. It’s pretty amusing, I’m not going to lie. Do my own lipstick with one hand? Don’t mind if I do…

The shade I’m using is 164 Chamade, and is one of 25 new Spring shades for Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique collection. Available at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations April 2011.

In conclusion, Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique lipstick is: gorgeous color (that I believe would look good on any skin tone), super moisturizing and ACTUALLY long lasting. Hands down my new favorite lipstick!

Kisses! xo

(Yeah I know, I’m lame)

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