Spring’s Most Wanted

Ever curious to know what people are buying right this second? What makes something a trend or a best-seller? Well thanks to some inside info retailers shared with WWD, we already know what styles are the most popular this season. So, if you’re wondering what to buy for Spring then let’s get right to it.

what to wear for spring

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What Why Where: The Jumpsuit

Finding the perfect jumpsuit has been a mission of mine for a couple of years now. I have no idea why this was such a difficult task. I’m either too particular when it comes to jumpsuits or the selection has been sub par as of late…or I’d find the perfect one and it was just insanely expensive (don’t you hate it when that happens?)

So after a trip to Tangerine some months ago, I finally found the jumpsuit of my dreams. #victory

 photo Daniel-Kelleghan-7813.jpg

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An Unconventional Holiday

Holiday season after holiday season, we are bombarded with sequins and dresses (and sequin dresses) and there’s only so much you can do with either. I was feeling inspired yesterday after this feature on SheFinds (not just because I was included…shameless plug). Dressing up for the holidays can either be intimidating or super fun. The fun part happens when you think outside of the box. And what’s more outside the box than a Christmas pudding suede and patent leather clutch?


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